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The Stream Industrial Doctorate Centre provides opportunities to fund research activities for both EngD and PhD students to deliver. The five Stream universities are happy to discuss possible research areas for sponsoring through the programme at any time (contact). However, a project development workshop, held around the turn of the year is the formal starting point for project specification and sponsorship. The workshop involves a review of challenges facing the sector, identification of topics of immediate concern or interest, and partnering of potential sponsors with university collaborators to develop full project descriptions.

A decision on which projects are to be funded through the Stream programme is made in the first quarter of the new year. Student recruitment takes place between March and August with Research Engineers beginning their studies in September each year and joining their sponsors in January.

Consortia (multi-sponsor) projects are encouraged to enable research topics of wide interest to be addressed. Proposals are expected to fit with the vision of the IDC as well as with the needs of the industrial sponsor. Specific funding requirements will be project specific and should be discussed with the academic partner supervising the work. However, a minimum contribution of £48k per Research Engineer is requested from project sponsors. Fully funded projects where the sponsor covers the full cost of the student’s fees & stipend as well as the incidental costs of the research are welcome.

Project sponsors benefit from:

  • Significant leverage on research investment
  • Involvement in Research Engineer recruitment
  • High quality researchers dedicated to your organisation’s research
  • Opportunity to guide Research Engineer training
  • Participation in Stream activities such as the Challenge Week and Symposium
  • Added value through interaction with other Stream Research Engineers and their sponsors
  • Opportunities to coordinate research efforts across the sector
  • Collaborating with leading academic researchers and institutions
  • Access to world class research facilities
  • A high profile national programme.
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