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Name: Asher Hoskins

Project title: Real-Time Monitoring and Operational Management of Water Transmission and Distribution Systems
Qualifications: BEng (hons) (University of Kent)
Academic supervisors: Ivan Stoianov, Nigel Graham, Julie McCann
Project sponsors: Essex & Suffolk Water (part of Northumbrian Water)
Industrial supervisors: Dennis Dellow

Name: Kate Ellis

Project title: Towards Zero Bacteriological Failures in Distribution Systems
Qualifications: BSc (hons.) Environmental Science (2:1), MSc Environmental Rehabilitation, MSc Water and Wastewater Technology
Academic supervisors: Prof. Catherine Biggs, Dr. Michael Templeton
Project sponsors: EPSRC, The University of Sheffield, Severn Trent Water
Industrial supervisors: Bernadette Ryan
Thesis: Improving root cause analysis of bacteriological water quality failures

Name: Patrick Cooney

Project title: Climate Change Impacts on Below Ground Assets
Qualifications: University of Bristol Civil Engineering 2.2 BEng (Hons), University of Sheffield Urban Water Engineering and Management MSc with Distinction
Academic supervisors: Professor Adrian Saul, University of Sheffield
Project sponsors: Yorkshire Water, Anglian Water
Industrial supervisors: Richard Hartley, Yorkshire Water

Name: William Sayers

Project title: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Flood Risk Management in Urban Areas
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Qualifications: BSc. (Hons.) Computer Games Development (1st)
Academic supervisors: Prof. Dragan Savic, Prof. Zoran Kapelan
Project sponsors: EPSRC, Exeter University, HR Wallingford
Industrial supervisors: Mr Richard Kellagher
Thesis: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Flood Risk Management in Urban Environments

Name: Trefor Hillas

Project title: The operational management of wastewater collection systems
Qualifications: BSc (hons) Geology, MSc Environmental Water Management
Academic supervisors: Prof David Butler and Prof Fayyaz Ali Memon
Project sponsors: WRc
Industrial supervisors: Mr Nick Orman and Dr Ian Walker
Thesis: Reducing the Occurrence of Flooding through the Effective Management of Sewer Blockages

Name: Catherine Rolph

Project title: 21st Century Biological Processes for Drinking Water Treatment
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Qualifications: BSc Environmental Science, MSc Environmental Technology
Academic supervisors: Dr. Raffaella Villa, Prof. Bruce Jefferson
Project sponsors: Anglian Water, WRc, Yorkshire Water
Industrial supervisors: Mark Berry, Tom Hall

Name: Gary Black

Project title: Development of an in-sewer toxicity early warning system
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Chemistry, MSc Chemical Engineering
Academic supervisors: Andreas Knocker and Gabriela Dotro
Project sponsors: Severn Trent Water and United Utilities
Industrial supervisors: Mark Jones
Thesis: Pollution prevention in wastewater networks: development of a biological early warning device

Name: James Keeley

Project title: Coagulant Recovery from Waterworks Sludge
Qualifications: BSc Chemistry, MSc Water & Wastewater Technology
Academic supervisors: Dr. Peter Jarvis and Prof. Simon Judd
Project sponsors: Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, Scottish Water
Industrial supervisors: Andrea Smith (STW), Garry Beaver (AW), Ejaz Rasool (SW)
Thesis: Coagulant Recovery from Waterworks Sludge

Name: Jo-fai Chow

Project title: Machine Intelligence Methods for Optimized Design of Urban Drainage Systems
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Qualifications: BEng (Civil Engineering), MSc (Environmental Management)
Academic supervisors: Prof. Dragan Savic
Project sponsors: Micro Drainage
Industrial supervisors: David Fortune

Name: Matthew Holmes

Project title: Infrastructure Reliability and Vulnerability
Qualifications: BSc Physical Geography (University of Durham) , MSc Hydrology and Climate Change (Newcastle University)
Academic supervisors: Dr Sean Wilkinson
Project sponsors: United Utilities, Severn Trent Water, Yorkshire Water
Industrial supervisors: Anna Provost (United Utilities), Mark Jones (Severn Trent Water), David Owen / James Kitson (Yorkshire Water)
Thesis: Water infrastructure vulnerability due to dependency on third party infrastructure sectors

Name: Pedrom Tayefi

Project title: Improving The Performance Of Plastic Joints In Water Distribution Systems
Qualifications: MEng (hons) Civil &, Structural Engineering - Newcastle University
Academic supervisors: Prof. S. Beck (University of Sheffield), Dr. R. A. Tomlinson (University of Sheffield)
Project sponsors: Severn Trent Water , WRc PLC
Industrial supervisors: Julie Hart (Severn Trent Water), Peter Henley (WRc PLC)
Thesis: The influence of contamination on the fatigue performance of electrofusion joints

Name: Rachel Whitton

Project title: Algae reactors for wastewater treatment
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Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Marine Biology and Polluted Ecosystems, MSc Water and Wastewater Technology
Academic supervisors: Prof Bruce Jefferson, Dr Raffaella Villa
Project sponsors: Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, Scottish Water
Industrial supervisors: Adam Brookes (Anglian Water), Pete Vale (Severn Trent), Graeme Moore (Scottish Water)
Thesis: Algae reactors for wastewater treatment